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Kariayappa believes that India, where ancient civilisation and heritage is enriched by diverse culture, tradition, customs and religion, provides boundless opportunities for the artistic eye. He endeavours to capture this aspect in various art forms. Having lived amid this richness and abundance, he incorporates these essences in his art work. Through his artistic vision, he attempts to depict the rural culture of India with a hope of keeping it alive and vivid. He strongly believes that every artist should have their own identity, creativity and social concern. Kariyappa specialises in Acrylic painting on Canvas Media. Majority of his artwork reflects the day to day life, custom and culture of rural folk of India with a special focus on Karnataka (one of the states in southern India) where he was born and brought-up. In his work, it appears that there is a harmonious interplay of visible with invisible leading to infinity. Over a period of time he has cultivated his own unique techniques of brush stroke and knife stroke which have paved way for speed and rhythm eventually merged in harmony. Use of vibrant colours is an attempt to truly reflect the original nature of the subject. Kariyappa has held several solo shows and participated in group exhibitions in India and abroad.