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Completed a Masters in Fine Arts from Delhi College of Art, Ajay has achieved cosiderable renown in his field. He works in a black and white palette, his paintings have glimpses of light & shadow, highlighted with poignant textures and colours on expressive facets of human experiences in iconic figuration. Blending tradition with modern realities, allowing hues to naturally adapt patterns, they oscillate around detailing textures, decors of idioms, and linear motifs, symbolizing sensitivity of women, along with conjuring dreamlike memories of nature. Man’s ability to conceptualize and express thoughts is seen in art, with elements of lines, colours, suggestive harmony, rhythmic movements, cultivating instinct, and institutions. These elements come to the fore in Ajay Kumar Samir’s exceptional art. One finds stylistic conceptual themes in lyrical narratives of human drama in his works. His works are in the collection of many Indian and foreign collectors and NGMA, Delhi.