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Top Three Wall Paintings Dubai Loves To Experiment With?

Wall paintings have a unique charm attached to them and are accredited as one of the most essential pieces of art that can exceptionally rejuvenate your surroundings. The particular wall paintings Dubai has fallen in love with have derived from sheer love of contemporary and stems from the western ideals that portray art as a creative endeavor that articulates profound wisdom on canvas. 

Similarly, wall paintings can be used creatively to uplift the overall energy of the house and exude a sense of vibrancy into the space. The wall paintings Dubai has chosen as their primary set of decor possess all relevant tendencies of modern art that are mandatory to resuscitate an otherwise dull surrounding and fill it with a creative boost of energy via home decor. Let us discuss the top three wall paintings Dubai has given its consent to and how to incorporate those paintings in your personal space.

Top Three Wall Paintings Dubai Loves To Experiment With: Tips On How To Incorporate Wall Paintings Into Your Space

  • Abstract Art Genre – A primary example of exceptional wall paintings Dubai loves to enjoy and appreciate is Abstract Art. The genre combines ideational or conceptual patterns and symbols to display experiences and the fragility of life. The paintings are diverse in subject matter and often display a variety of aspects associated with the human subconscious and intricacies in great detail. Hence these wall paintings are easy to interpret and establish a personal bond with. Such particular types of wall paintings have amassed an incredible following and make a great work of art that can be used to rejuvenate a particular surrounding or space.
    Pro Tip: Incorporate such abstract paintings in your social space or room. It is advised to keep the lighting minimal and focused on the artwork hung to bring out its prominent features and synchronize the wall paint with your paintings to provide an elaborate focal point to the painting.
  • Islamic Art  – Another wall painting Dubai has given its love and attention to is Islamic Art Genre. Such paintings are characterized by elements of wisdom and in-depth philosophy. Islamic art usually permits factors such as the display of verses of the Quran in Arabic calligraphy into paintings that make a perfect addition to any house or office. The beauty of this genre is the fact that they can be hanged in any surroundings and since the subject matter is connected with the divine, it will also fill the space with a relaxing and spiritual awareness that can exude peace of mind and serenity at a given place.
    Pro Tip: incorporate Islamic art wall paintings in your rooms of worship and prayers to emanate a sense of relief and serenity into the household. This particular artwork is not limited to just being a genre but has a significant religious aspect attached to it, hence the artwork needs to be hung in a space where it is centrally located and is taken care of with respect and admiration. Hanging such paintings in spiritual space is sure to boost your spiritual pursuits and sharpen your awareness to keep you grounded and relaxed.
  • Landscape Paintings – The third and the most recent addition to the wall paintings Dubai has decided to give its attention to are landscape paintings. Such paintings make use of natural imagery and tangible physical assets of the earth as their muse to paint colorful and vibrant landscape paintings on canvas. These paintings utilize the organic abundance of the earth’s colorful flora and fauna to paint nature-oriented images and paintings.
    Pro Tip: landscape paintings make stunning additions to any room of your corporate or personal setting. Since they emit natural energy and are visually appealing and relaxing, they make perfect wall paintings to be hung in bedrooms, kitchens, and other common rooms of the houses.

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