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Top Three Popular Artworks Dubai Loves To Decorate Their Spaces With?

Dubai is the land of majestic dunes and sunsets, and hence is the city that loves to explore the new contemporary norms when it comes to home décor. With the emergence of modern artworks, Dubai has been one of the most accommodating and welcoming cities that ensured that the legacy of art continues to thrive and live for a long time. 

While the culture surely influences the diversity of art in a particular nation, the artworks Dubai particularly loves to explore have hints of modernism coalesced with ancient Islamic ingenuity that makes the décor of any given space speak volumes in terms of visuals and the associated feels. Here in this article, we will highlight the top three popular artworks Dubai loves to indulge in and decorate its spaces with. 

Top Three Popular Artworks Dubai Loves To Explore And Decorate Their Spaces With?

  • Modern Abstract Artworks – Abstract art forms are known to exude a sense of mystery through their unique motifs and patterns, hence are accepted as the most popular form of artwork Dubai loves to experiment and explore with. Comprising subtle hues of colors depicting extraordinary ordeals of life on canvas, these types of artworks have always fascinated Dubai and have become one of the most popular forms to be ever sold in the state.
    Another reason that makes the modern abstract genre gain credible momentum as prominent artwork Dubai loves to purchase is the fact that these artworks have compelling ideations, or the element of subjectivity that often keeps the audience hooked. Many times, people would explore such paintings in hopes of finding a little solace or cultivate a natural connection with the imagery and object painted, which makes them instantly purchase the paintings displayed. Above all, such paintings are rich in colorful patterns and symbols and can be perfectly synchronized with any house decor, whether personal or commercial with incredible ease.
  • Modern Islamic Art – Another prominent genre of artworks Dubai loves to embellish its walls with is its cultural-oriented compositions popularly known as  Modern Islamic Art Dubai being a densely Muslim populated city has accepted a new form of artwork that can be easily found in each household and vicinity. The modern Islamic art genre depicts the connection of humans with the divine on canvas with incredible precision and ease. The genre predominantly uses the profoundly distinctive quranic verses to be written in magnificent calligraphy that emits a sense of ease and calm into the atmosphere. These paintings carry ancient wisdom of the holy book painted elegantly and can make an exceptional wall painting for houses that are looking forward to accelerating their spiritual ascension and improving their connection with the divine.
  • Figurative Art – Another incredible category of artworks Dubai is undoubtedly in love with is called Figurative arts. A genre known to derive inspiration from real-life objects, especially humans, has recently become one of the most sought-after genres that people of Dubai love to explore and buy. The genre infuses symbolism and creativity via imagination to depict humans in a majestic form that truly makes a great difference in the psyche of audiences. The paintings aim to establish a strong connection with their buyers and the rich symbolism displays the various experiences of life in general. For anyone, who looks forward to studying the philosophical aspect of art, figurative artworks and paintings are made especially to cater to those minds who can elaborately express their subjectivity and interpret such paintings in great detail.

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Dubai is fond of artsy things and the paintings have now started to emerge as one of the most successful professionals with the potential of attracting huge volumes of people. Visit Anyahh art Gallery’s website to get a glimpse of their vast collection comprising various painting genres at affordable prices.

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