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How To Select Wall Art Paintings To Enhance Your Interiors?

Paintings have always been a silent catalyst that possesses adequate power to transform any home or corporate setting. We often search for compelling wall art in Dubai and paintings seem to be one of the most accessible wall art items available that can boost our interiors exceptionally well. 

While all paintings are exclusive and stunning to look at, purchasing the right wall art in Dubai can be a bit of a task, to begin with. With the variety of experimental art genres that have recently gained momentum, it can become confusing for many to select the right type of wall art that can reflect their sense of style and elegance well. For this purpose, we have compiled a list of all important pointers that should be kept in mind when you are on your way to purchase wall art in Dubai. 

Things To Keep In Mind While Purchasing Wall Art In Dubai

  • The Background Setting – While purchasing any wall art in Dubai, it becomes essential to first dissect the overall setting to select the type of artwork you should go for. For example, wall art for the living room should reflect a more sociable vibe since a living room is one of the core settings of your house where you often socialize with friends and family. Similarly, wall art for bedrooms should be more profound and personal since it’s a private domain and can be accessible by the owner only. Hence, in simpler terms, an artwork or wall art should always be very of its setting to complete the existing energy of the space.
  • Type Of Wall Art Available – Wall arts in Dubai have become extensive owing to their popularity quotient and the fact that they have become a great way to express one’s individuality and personality. Wall art in Dubai comprises some of the most unique art genres such as abstract, devotional, figurative, modern, and expressionistic art that can be utilized to transform the entire mood of the space in a few seconds. Before selecting the type of wall art available, make sure that it is reflecting the same ideal mood and attitude that you want your setting to exude in general. Purchasing wall art in a frenzy without proper research can not only cost you money but can also play an essential role in ruining the interiors and overall vibe of the house.
  • Subject Matter And Themes – It has been observed quite often that people always purchase bright color abstract wall art for their houses and offices to infuse a feeling of liveliness into the space. While several people are loyal towards abstract art, there is also a sizable lot of people who seek inspiration from figurative art patterns and have purchased it to express their pensive state of mind. Similarly, subject matter and themes of wall arts play an important role in determining the owner’s innermost psyche and hence is regarded as a window through which people perceive and characterize our personality traits. Therefore paintings and wall art in Dubai should be purchased with utmost care that exudes lightness and a sense of calm into the space.

Let Anyahh Art Assist You In Purchasing Stunning Wall Art In Dubai

AnYahh art gallery Dubai has become a popular name in the world of art and accommodates versatile wall art forms and painting genres for sale. The brand is known to be one of the largest art sellers that deals in affordable art and have paintings and wall art that make a stunning addition to any personal or commercial space. 

  • A world-leading brand that sells affordable art – Anyahh Art Gallery has an extensive collection of wall art in Dubai and is known exclusively as a brand that sells affordable art. While many of us have dealt with the pangs of owning an expensive piece of art, Anyahh believes in the universality of art and strives to make it accessible to all. The gallery at present holds a reputable collection of paintings that are cost-friendly and affordable. The gallery host paintings of famous artists such as Aamir Khatri,Mashkoor Raza,Asma Adil,Abdullah Ali.
  • Artworks that speaks volumes – Anyahh boasts of some compelling art paintings and houses outstanding wall art in Dubai for selling purposes. The gallery has paintings of many senior acclaimed artists also whilst paying equal attention to the artworks made by young dynamic minds encouraging them to become better and skilled at their craft. The paintings carry the element of the subjective well and display multiple themes with an intent to entice the customers and keep them engaged through its profoundly hidden symbolism.
  • Extensive ArtWork Repository – Anyahh has a collection of approximately 25000  paintings and wall art in Dubai that is up for sale. The paintings carry exquisite art essentials and can be purchased to boost the interiors of any personal or corporate space. The gallery has also won multiple accolades including:

-Inside Out Readers choice award for best Art gallery. 2018
– Inside Out Readers choice award for best Art gallery. 2019
– Rajiv Gandhi excellence award for best enterprise


Art plays an instrumental role in defining the interiors of the house and letting people express their sense of style and grandeur through exquisite artworks and wall art in Dubai. With many art connoisseurs looking to purchase new inspirational art pieces across the world, visit our website to browse through our stunning collection and purchase some of the best in class paintings for your house and office at affordable pricing. 

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