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How To Select Stunning Paintings For The Home?

Often we encounter this sudden urge to redecorate our entire house and incorporate new elements for a fresh look and feel. Art has always been a fantastic addition to any house and buying paintings for the home can be an easy task considering we have prior information about the paintings that we wish to purchase for the house. 

Personal space is far much easier to renew than any commercial space since it’s relatively intimate and the buyers are often aware of the exact thing or object that they would like to include as a decor item in their space. Let us now discuss the points to remember while purchasing paintings for the home. 

How To Select The Best Paintings For The Home

  • Analyze Your Personal Space – The initial step towards selecting the best paintings for the home is to first scan your surroundings and see the available space where your paintings will be hung. It will give you a rough idea about the dimension, size, and the kind of artwork that will go with the overall theme of the room. The type of room plays an important role in selecting the best artwork available. Living rooms may accommodate feisty abstract painting, while bedrooms may have modern or figurative pieces. Similarly for other common rooms, one can go for modern Islamic artworks to exude a hint of spirituality into the space.
  • Figure Out Your Preferential Type – Art is a widespread concept and has many distinctive genres to choose from which can sometimes render a person confused. The second step in selecting the best paintings for the home involves doing quick research and browsing through multiple genres and categories to find the perfect artwork category for you. Once you have selected your type, it becomes visibly easier to find the correct theme and subject that you connect with and buy it later as a premium décor item in the house.
  • Personalize your paintings – Sometimes buying paintings for the home does not necessarily signify selecting the paintings on the spot and later buying them just for the sheer decorative ordeal. You can always commission artwork and personalize your paintings according to your taste, needs, and preferences. Every buyer has some other aspirations and intentions which he wants to reflect through the paintings. Art is a way of expression for such people and hence personalizing painting for the home is a great way to make your space more comfortable and unique.
  • Type Of Concept And Imagery – Paintings for the home should have peaceful imagery and interpretations that carry rich symbolism to evoke peaceful feelings in the mind of the buyers and associated people. Hence paintings for the home should be purchased only when the concept exudes tranquility and richness in the object displayed on canvas.

How Can Anyahh Assist People In Purchasing The Best Paintings In Dubai? 

  • World Largest Collection of Affordable and original Art – Anyahh Dubai possesses unique and stunning artworks that are cost-friendly and affordable to purchase. Along with that, the gallery hosts original works of art of senior acclaimed masters and artists and provides necessary certifications to its consumers that validate the authenticity of the paintings sold to the buyers.
  • Emphasis on being a global brand that offers Authentic and Affordable Art – While many have been treating the art business as a medium to earn hefty profits, Anyahh believes in carving a separate niche and takes pride in being popularized as a brand that sells affordable authentic artwork and painting. The gallery proudly hosts paintings of famous artists such as Aamir Khatri,Mashkoor Raza,Asma Adil,Abdullah Ali.


Purchasing paintings for the home should not be such a tedious task considering the wide expanse and array of products that Anyahh hosts both offline and online through their store in Dubai and via their website. Visit their online portal to find exclusive paintings and artworks tailor-made for all your decor needs and preferences.

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