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How To Appreciate Islamic Art in Dubai Art Gallery?

Islamic art traces its lineage back to ancient times where the holy verses of the Quran carrying heaps of wisdom within their words would be hung in each household to protect the space from any impending misery. In contemporary times, art has now evolved into a visual aesthetic but is still revered as a holy object and painting that needs special attention and care. 

Dubai art gallery houses some of the most eclectic and distinctive Islamic art that has a perfect mix of modernization mixed with archaic aspects to keep the reverence and sanctity of the paintings intact. Let us discuss at length how the Dubai art gallery’s Islamic art should be admired and appreciated in its true essence and significance.

How To Appreciate Islamic Art In Dubai Art Gallery?

  • For The Sheer Love Of Calligraphic Brilliance – While paintings, in general, are always rich in imagery, scenic drawings, and motifs, Islamic art uses the unique blend of writing and instills the wisdom of the Quran poured into rich calligraphy on canvas to attract reverence from its audience. It is indeed a novel approach however old that may be to witness the sheer brilliance of penmanship.
  • Appreciating The Power Of Quranic Verses – The second most important element of Islamic art displayed in the Dubai art gallery is the relevance of Quranic verses in the modern contemporary world. One of the primary reasons why Islamic art is and will always be one of the most reputable genres of art is because of the divine pearls of wisdom that it carries within itself. These paintings when hung in our house with utmost reverence are bound to emit a source of positive light and energy that are sure to captivate the buyer’s mind and offer him a slice of solace and peace amongst this worldly chaos.
  • Themes and Deep Subject Matter – Another thing that needs to be appreciated about the Islamic art painting of the Dubai art gallery is the diverse themes and subject matters that make the content of the painting very light and enigmatic. The verses painted with extreme care often complement the imagery drawn along that makes these paintings a perfect house addition. The themes are often inspired by the chronicles documented in the Quran and are mixed with subtle hues of vibrant colors, paints, and symbols to support the brilliant calligraphic representation. These Islamic art paintings of the Dubai art gallery are a must-have addition to revamp any given personal and commercial space.
  • Religious Significance – Another aspect that makes Islamic art paintings unique and appreciative is the fact that they have high religious significance attached to them. The characteristic of religious sanctity makes them highly revered and holy which attracts a huge volume of the audience to the genre.

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